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Cuba’s Cayo Largo, an incredible destination

Cuba’s Cayo Largo, an incredible destination

A peaceful and beautiful islet in the south of Cuba, with beaches like those you spend all year wishing for, to enjoy the scenery, take a swim, sunbathe and daydream.

Cuba’s Cayo Largo, an incredible destinationIts waters are safe and impeccably clean. The sand leading to the sea is perfect for placing comfortable loungers, from which you can contemplate the natural beauty. Add in a mojito or a piña colada and your happiness is complete.

For many years, its shores have been nominated by thousands of tourists as among the most outstanding in the world. In 2017, National Geographic magazine selected the best beaches in the world, and three of them were in Cayo Largo del Sur. According to the publication: "Sirena, Lindamar and Paraíso beaches (...) preserve the image of Eden found by ancient navigators". The analogy speaks for itself.

For those who love nautical activities and scuba diving, the temperature and transparency of the sea surrounding the key are perfect for both experiences. Its seabed, formed by extraordinary reefs and with great biodiversity, is praised by divers.

Belonging to the archipelago of Los Canarreos, this southern key has much more to offer visitors eager to escape the real world during their vacations. Considered one of the best places in the Caribbean to leave aside the stress of modern life, Cayo Largo also has interesting stories. There are legends associated with pirates and corsairs who took refuge there between the 17th and 18th centuries. Rumors that have been lost through the centuries suggest that there may be some hidden treasure in the area.
Cuba’s Cayo Largo, an incredible destinationThe nature of the key

In this evocative region, nature has been well conserved, and the geographic isolation has turned it into an authentic wildlife reserve. Different species of turtles and iguanas use it as refuge, as well as colonies of pelicans, seagulls and herons, enriching the natural environment.

A short distance away by sea is Cayo Iguana, an island inhabited only by these large lizards that seem to welcome tourists. As soon as visitors disembark on the shore, the agile reptiles approach and observe the newcomers, before withdrawing to their peaceful environment, within an appropriate ecosystem that allows them to live and grow without interference. There is no human settlement on the small island that invades these animals’ space.

Cayo Largo is also one of the main nesting areas for three species of sea turtles in the Caribbean: the green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles.

As part of the conservation and protection programs for its natural resources, a Turtle Farm operates on the island, where eggs and hatchlings are protected and returned to their natural habitat.

Cuba’s Cayo Largo, an incredible destinationA little more about Cayo Largo

Its name alludes to its appearance, where its widest area reaches six kilometers and the narrowest, only one. Its climate is warm almost all year round. In summer, temperatures reach 28 degrees Celsius, and during the mild Cuban winter, they remain around 25 degrees.

Only 177 kilometers separate it from Havana and 140 from the famous beach resort of Varadero. There are other attractive destinations near the key, included in excursions made from the island.

It also has a comfortable and modern hotel infrastructure, with a high standard of quality services. Its 5 and 4-star hotels, with all-inclusive plans, are in perfect harmony with the natural environment.

It has a nautical center and a marina with catamarans and other tourist boats, ideal for tours and excursions.

This beautiful island, long and narrow, is a true boost, a natural treasure of the Caribbean island. That is why it is very likely that the key itself, with its bounties, is the treasure spoken of in legends of corsairs and pirates. There is no doubt about the beauty of its beaches, selected among the world's favorites.

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