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Young Mexican documentary filmmaker talks about his work in Cuba

By: Mercy Ramos
Dec 22, 2023
Young Mexican documentary filmmaker talks about his work in Cuba

For Elián Hernández Romero, a young Mexican documentary filmmaker, having made three spots from the popular cartoon Tito Reacciona constitutes a gigantic step in his career, since Just three years ago he started in the world of the seventh art.

tito-audiovisual-cuba-1.jpgIn an exclusive interview granted to CubaPLUS, Hernández Romero explained these spots, performed with the children's theater company “La Colmenita”, addressed important themes: the care of nature, the equality of people and kindness and education in treatment to the like. “For me,” he added, “Tito means a giant step in my professional life to direct in another country, but on a general level, this character represents good values. Having worked with Tito It means consolidating my thoughts.” “I have always advocated for good values, so it makes me happy to work with something that promotes human values. For this reason, I will always be willing to work with Tito,” he highlighted.

When referring to the work developed so far, he mentioned his first documentary is titled “The Devil's Hands”, a medium-length film about the dance of the devils, one of the many traditions of Oaxaca, his home town, and which is danced on October 31 and November 1, during the All Saints festivities.

In his short but fruitful life as a filmmaker, he has also directed several musical videos in his country, including Jei One, Julian B and more recently, a clip of the Cuban singer Daniel Martin. Regarding his projects, he mentioned a documentary in progress about his town, in which numerous artists will participate, because “I have a lot of roots with my people, because there It generates a lot of art,” he noted.

“I am very excited about the future. Before I had some uncertainty, but now I am studying at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and I am excited to think what the future holds for me,” he reiterated. When giving his opinion about Cuba, he said that: “I have loved Cuba since the first time I visited it. Here I feel at home. I really like what I have seen: Varadero, Havana. The landscape and I love the weather and, above all, the people because they are very affectionate, very loving, very gentle. Here, I feel at home,” he said.

Finally,  heritage he spoke of the passion he feels for his work and considered that “what I love most in my life, after my family, is the job I have, because it gives me the opportunity to meet many people, see many places. Above all, bringing my thoughts and because it is my way of expressing myself.” Created in 2018, Tito Reacciona is a series of animated and educational spots, the work of Daniel Martín, president of the Latin Institute of Music, to highlight the heritage of Latin and Caribbean artistic values.

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