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We can protect the Earth´s future

By: Aurora del Valle
Jul 07, 2024
We can protect the Earth´s future

July is a month rich is a month rich in dates that call us to protect our planet. July 3, for example, is International Plastic Bag Free Day, when we are called to reduce consumption of those bags to better care for the planet.

On the first Sunday of this month, July 7, for example, it is exhorted to conserve soils, an essential resource for the survival of all species, including man. Food depends on the soil, have you thought about it? Prevent erosion, deforestation, intensive agriculture, as dangers that threaten our soil.

tarea-vida-d.jpgThe July 26, for example, not only celebrates a Cuban national date, but also calls to conserve mangrove ecosystems, typical of coastal areas of the tropics. We have to remember that our future as a species is linked to balance on Earth.

The planet is experiencing the worst climate crisis in its history, with an unprecedented environmental degradation. Man has the responsibility of repairing the damage and protect our home and that of our children.

Once formed, the soil is protected and conserved by the vegetation that grows on its surface.

When humans cut down trees and soil particles are exposed to the action of the sun, wind and water, they produce the dreaded erosion.

Regarding this day, it is important to refer to the Cuban State Plan called “Task Life”, approved in April 2017, whose objective is to protect human life and its quality, in conditions of a changing climate.

Within this plan, soil conservation occupies one of the main sections that indicate: “Direct reforestation towards maximum protection of the soil and water in quantity and quality; as well as the recovery of the most affected mangroves. Prioritize reservoirs, canals and strips, hydro regulators¨ of the tributary basins of the main bays and the coasts of the island platform.”

Therefore today, more than ever, let us protect the soil, which means preserving the human life.

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