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Five outstanding podiums in Cuban sports

By: Amanda Bedia
Nov 13, 2023
Five outstanding podiums in Cuban sports

We clarify that this is not a specialized selection, but rather an appreciation based, with a good eye, as it was said in the past, on the recent results won by representatives of certain sports disciplines in the recent 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, in which Cuban athletes gave great joys to their people.

beisbol-cuba.jpgAnd it is an assessment that also in no way ignores history and the most ancient tradition of the development of certain disciplines, which brought glory and are considered emblems and flagships of the strong Cuban sports movement, of great power and relevance after the libertarian dawn of January 1959.

Since then, sport has become a phenomenon of masses and schools of multiple disciplines flourished with enthusiasm and rigour, filling these people with healthy pride and triumphs, even globally. That is why in a tight limit of 5 featured disciplines, Cuba continues to have Baseball, our pastime, in a place of national honor, introduced into the country by the West at the end of the 19th century and since then, gaining popularity and quality that became a legend.

Today, when times are tough and in the middle of a season enthusiastic internationally, Cuba is no longer the unbeatable star that made the so-called Cuban amateur sport more famous throughout the world.

The championships and national series continue to have prominence and are celebrated punctually in the middle of seasons happy and enthusiastic. And more importantly, Cubans have not given up dreaming of one day recovering the world crown that they retained, unbeatable, for many years, a very difficult endeavor in these new times, affected by a foreign blockade.

julio-cesar-la-cruz-santiago-2023.jpgWe continue quickly listing the four featured disciplines suggested here: secondly Boxing, a combattant discipline long considered the flagship of sports, a current condition. Today's Cuba is proud of boxers like Julio César La Cruz and others who put the country highly in the Pan American Games and are already preparing for new successes at the Paris Olympics.

They are never forgotten, because they are faithful heirs of the glories given by Kid Chocolate, Teófilo Stevenson and Félix Savón just to mention some of his stellar predecessors or the great teacher Alcides Sagarra.

lucha-femenina.jpgNow and in our third place in the fight, the brilliance of the great Luis Alberto Orta, Olympic champion in the 60 kg and world champion in the 67. He also proclaimed king in the category of him in the recent Pan American Games. But it is not the only titan, there are others, with places already secured for Paris.

Milaimys Marín, in the 76 kg women's wrestling, and Gabriel Rosillo (97 kg) and Oscar Pino (130 kg) in the Greco. Currently, they continue to encourage Cuban fans, very expectant with the evident rebirth of the national sports movement, other disciplines such as Athletics, which brought to the land 7 gold medals in Santiago de Chile. It was the best harvest of golden leaves, after the 8 conquered in Fight.

ocho-con-Cuba-oro.jpgAnd since this is a somewhat capricious choice, we leave it for the fifth plac to sports such as judo, canoeing and table tennis, one of the famous three in one of this author, because they have been three disciplines that have been making a lot of noise not only nationally, but regionally, in different types of competitions, in the process of recovery after the pandemic.

No one deserves to be left without the recognition of ¨Viva the current Cuban sports.¨

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