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Exhibition of the legacy of crafts in Cuba open until the end of April

By: CubaPLUS, photos: Raul Abreu
Apr 01, 2024
Exhibition of the legacy of crafts in Cuba open until the end of April

Under the title “Santander Family: legacy and identity” a  photography exhibition by Raúl Abreu will be open until the end of the month of April, which recreates the work of that family of potters and ceramists who for six generations have transmitted practices, techniques and knowledge of the art of the craftsmanship.

abreu exposicion a.jpgThe exhibition is on display at the Green Gables House, on 2nd Street on the corner of 5th Avenue in the capital neighborhood of Miramar, where through 23 photographs he makes a tour of the history of that family, originally from Trinidad, whose pottery work began in 1892, when a Spaniard taught the first techniques to Modesto Santander, founder of a small factory with a rudimentary wood lathe.

Abreu has been working from the point of view of photography with that family for more than 20 years and the sample is a small selection from a large archive of images that he has about the legacy of the work of the Santander family, who in 2007 were recipients of the Special Prize from UNESCO, to the Craft Master, a recognition of the tradition of a family and a city.

With just over 40 years in the profession, Abreu has presented his photographic work in over 50 personal and group exhibitions in Cuba and abroad and his images have been published in the different press media in the country, as well as in books, billboards and foldings.

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