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Agrotourism, a new way to vacation in Cuba

By: Mercy Ramos
May 14, 2024
Agrotourism, a new way to vacation in Cuba

Although perhaps still little known, agrotourism currently constitutes a healthy way to vacation, as it offers visitors peace, tranquility, clean air, silence, the breeze, wonderful skies, the smell of nature, all of which contribute to spending a stay conducive to combating stress, including depressive states.

IMG_20240504_110531.jpgIn Cuba there are several agrotourism sites and one of them is Finca La María, located around the town of Morón, in Ciego de Ávila, belonging to the branch of the Ecotur agency in this province, which is dedicated to agricultural production under agroecological principles. As soon as you cross the threshold of La María, a name that honors the first daughter of the first owner of the farm, you find a typical peasant place, where tranquility is queen of the site.

It is a very family farm, which has passed through three generations and currently the equipment they use for production is very old, from the middle of the last century. However, everything is in working order, since the owner manages to repair them and keep them active. Crops of beans, corn, cassava, sweet potato, coffee, cocoa, plantains (bananas) and sugar cane, among others, are in abundance. There are also cattle, horses, pigs, poultry corral and beekeeping, the local guide, Milaxis Pérez, explained to this publication.

Something important to highlight is that the farm does not use products to fertilize the crops, but rather vermiculture, said Milaxis, who added that many of the tourists who visit them usually return, because in addition to the tour, there you can taste a delicious guarapo ( sugar cane juice), and enjoy a horseback ride.

IMG_20240504_110120(1).jpgWith an area of 13.71 hectares, this farm has been operating as an agrotourism site for some 8 years, with the logical pause caused by the pandemic, and constitutes one of the projects currently promoted by Ecotur, which has among its priorities designing new products to diversify your portfolio and satisfy market segments that have different expectations to traditional tourism.

In Cuba there are several agrotourism farms in which there are different options, such as a stay for one day or with accommodation, depending on the conditions of the place. Yes, each one has its own characteristics that distinguish them and make them unrepeatable.

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