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Santa Clara celebrates 335th anniversary of its foundation in Cuba
Jul 16, 2024
Santa Clara, capital of the Cuban province of Villa Clara, is an industrial city, with scientific and cultural development, and also stands out in other branches of the nation’s socioeconomic life. The festivities began with the mambisa reveille and the traditional symbolic meeting at the La Cruz Bridge, under the shade of a tamarind tree between the Belico and Cubanicay rivers, with a representation of the families of Remedios, the first inhabitants of the city.
A Natural Wonder of the Wonder City
Jul 15, 2024
If we are going to talk about wonders of the Cuban capital, it is important to mention the National Botanical Garden (JBN), belonging to the University of Havana, located about 25 kilometers to the south of the city, with approximately 550 hectares of magical landscapes, some with plants brought from the tropics and different parts of the world. What were once livestock farms are today part of a great collective dream that became reality thanks to the effort and dedication of many.
Wonderful Havana is already celebrating its 505th birthday
Jul 12, 2024
Havana, one of the seven wonder cities of the modern world for eight years now, will celebrate its 505th anniversary next November, which is why it is celebrating practically throughout 2024 that important date for the people of Havana and all the Cubans in general. It is for this reason that starting this month, when the island's summer holidays begin, we will be talking about multiple places in the city, not because they are sometimes very well-known, cease to be of interest to both foreign and national visitors.
Cuban delegations to Olympic-Paralympic Games received official flags
Jul 10, 2024
The delegations that will represent Cuba in the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games received the Cuban flag at a ceremony held at Havana's Revolution Square.
Jul 09, 2024
From July 26 to August 11, the 2024 Olympics will take place in Paris, France. the participation of delegations from 206 countries, with approximately 10,500 athletes who will compete in 48 disciplines of 32 sports.
Love and loyalty welcome visitors to Havana
Jul 08, 2024
At the top of the Castle of the Royal Force, in Old Havana, is installed a beautiful bronze statuette, about 110 centimeters high, La Giraldilla, which for everyone means the symbol of the Cuban capital since almost five centuries ago, but in addition, it represents paying tribute to two important human conditions: love and loyalty. For Cubans, this small statue located in front of the entrance canal to the Havana bay is like a guardian of the city, for which it was built this fortress in 1539. The story goes that Charles I, king of Spain, appointed Don Hernando de Soto Captain General in 1538 of Cuba and Florida, who would reside, together with his wife Doña Isabel de Bobadilla, in the aforementioned castle, with the purpose of guarding the bay and defending the city from possible attacks by privateers and pirates, very common then. The sovereign entrusted this mission to De Soto because he had earned the trust, for the courage and audacity displayed in the Castille expeditions for gold (Panama) and in the conquest of Nicaragua and Peru. After taking office in Cuba, De Soto left on a mission to Florida in 1539 with nine ships and 900 soldiers. For this reason he left his wife in charge of the Island. According to historical documents, De Soto toured several territories of the current United States. He crossed Georgia and Alabama, where he discovered the Mississippi River. They say that at that time there was a legend that in the vicinity of the river there was a “Fountain of Youth” and De Soto wanted to take over so precious treasure that, in his opinion, would fill him with riches. But like every legend, what the arrested Spaniard finally found was nothing less than his death by suffering a lethal fever. Notes from the time indicate that Doña Isabel de Bobadilla, faithful and loving De Soto's wife, spent hours sitting in the tower for endless years at the castle looking towards the horizon, to the entrance of Havana Bay, looking for a hopeful sign of some ship that could return her husband to her. But, unfortunately, this never happened and for this reason they say that Doña Isabel died of love. A few years later, inspired by such a beautiful love story, the artist Gerónimo Martín Pinzón, of Canarian origin, sculpted the statuette in memory of that loyal woman. Subsequently, the governor of the city, Don Juan Bitrín Viamonte, sent the sculpture cast in bronze and place it, like a weather vane, on the tower added shortly after to the castle and baptized it with the name Giraldilla, in memory of the Giralda of her hometown, Seville. The beautiful figure, whose original is currently in the Museum of the City, is a woman who holds in her right hand a palm that only preserves its trunk, and to the left of it, on a pole, the Calatrava Cross, order to which belonged the governor. On her chest appears a medallion with the name of the author of the sculpture and she has her skirt gathered up over her right thigh . Such a beautiful story has been passed down for centuries from word to mouth and from generation to generation, to the present day, which converted Doña Isabel, without having imagined it, into a symbol of the Cuban capital as a sign of love and loyalty.
We can protect the Earth´s future
Jul 07, 2024
July is a month rich is a month rich in dates that call us to protect our planet. July 3, for example, is International Plastic Bag Free Day, when we are called to reduce consumption of those bags to better care for the planet. On the first Sunday of this month, July 7, for example, it is exhorted to conserve soils, an essential resource for the survival of all species, including man.
Cuba chosen as Best Cultural Destination in the Caribbean 2024
Jul 05, 2024
Cuba was chosen as the best Cultural Destination in the Caribbean 2024 for the fourth consecutive year, according to the World Travel Awards, according to the results published on the official site of those awards. According to the announcement, they were also nominated for such a prestigious recognition, considered the Oscar of Tourism, Barbados, Bermuda, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts Nevis and Trinidad.
Cubanacan predicts growth in Canadian tourism next winter
Jul 03, 2024
Canada, the main source market for tourism in Cuba, is by preference the first in the Sun and Beach modality, hence it is at the head of the clients that Cubanacan receives, especially in its facilities on the seashore. In an interview granted to this publication, the president of the Cubanacan Group, José Alberto García said that precisely for this reason we have remodeled many facilities, especially located in the spas and we have reopened new services and offers, for which we are convinced will be much more attractive for the Canadian market.
Canada Celebrates Independence Day
Jul 01, 2024
Today, Canada Day in English or Fête du Canada in French, is the date that marks the independence of that country from Great Britain, with the adoption of the British North America Act, the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario.
Grupo Cubanacan presents a new campaign to improve the quality of its services
Jun 30, 2024
“Do it with C” ( Hazlo con C) is the name of the new campaign of the Cubanacan Group, whose objective is to increase the quality of services through motivation, performance and improvement of the management of its workers to achieve greater customer satisfaction.
Habanos in London raise 5 million 150 thousand euros for Cuban health
Jun 28, 2024
With a collection of 5 million 150 thousand euros, the first edition concluded in-person Habanos World Days in the British capital, the product of an auction of Trinidad brand Humidors, donated to the Cuban health system. A press release from Corporación Habanos S. A. adds that thfirst in-person edition of the Habanos World Days, organized by the entity and its Exclusive UK distributor, Hunters & Frankau, concluded with a historic Gala Dinner in which 400 guests from all over the world gathered, at the iconic Victoria Albert of London.
With great tradition and awards, ends the celebration for the centenary of the ACC
Jun 28, 2024
This Thursday night was characterized by the tradition of Cuban cocktails prevailing and the presentation of prizes to the winners in the contest of the specialty “Fabio Delgado in Memoriam”, which was celebrated for everything that marks the centenary of the Cuban Bartenders Association (ACC). With the presence of the Minister of Tourism, Juan Carlos García Granda, the celebrations for that important anniversary concluded, as more than a number represents an entire century of traditions and triumphs of cocktails Cuban throughout the world, born at the end of the 19th century.
CubaPLUS Magazine Guyana witness of Caribbean integration
Jun 28, 2024
The issue of Cuba Plus magazine dedicated on this occasion to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana was presented this Thursday at the ExpoCaribe 2024 fair by Dominic Soave, director founder of the publication.
Celebration of Cuban bartenders begin at the Nacional hotel
Jun 27, 2024
Celebrations for the centennial of the founding of the Bartenders Association of Cuba (ACC) officially began this Wednesday in room 1930 of the Iconic National Hotel of Cuba.
Expocaribe 2024 edition, business opportunity in eastern Cuba
Jun 26, 2024
The nineteenth edition of the international fair Expocaribe 2024 was inaugurated this Wednesday in Santiago de Cuba with the participation of 28 countries, 12 Cuban provinces, over 300 national and 46 foreign companies. Oscar Pérez-Oliva, Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment of the Republic of Cuba, considered that Expocaribe serves as a showcase for the products and service offers of participating companies and countries, especially those from eastern Cuba, while he thanked and appreciated the permanent displays of solidarity of the representatives of Caribbean nations towards Cuba.
Association of Bartenders of Cuba celebrates this week its foundation centenary CubaPLUS
Jun 26, 2024
The brilliance and splendor of the Cuban cantina will prevail this week with the celebration of the centenary of the Association of Bartenders of Cuba (ACC), whose anniversary falls this June 27th. The celebrations began with the arrival on the 23rd of numerous nationals and foreigners and the main activities are based at the emblematic Hotel Nacional de Cuba, where the “Fabio Delgado in Memoriam” elimination competition began this morning at the Golfo bar.
Santiago de Cuba celebrates 45 years as a National Monument
Jun 24, 2024
This Monday, the historic center of the city of Santiago de Cuba celebrated 45 years since it was granted the status of National Monument, on June 24, 1979.
Canada continues as first issuer of tourists to Cuba
Jun 24, 2024
Canada continues to be the first issuer of tourists to Cuba, registering 541,871 visitors between January and May of this year, according to figures released by the Office National Statistics and Information (ONEI). According to the ONEI report, in the first five months of 2024 reached the highest Antilles one million 174 thousand 888 foreign vacationers, which shows a recovery of the tourism in this destination, an increase of 102.7% compared to the same period of the preceding year.
Soroa and its orchid paradise
Jun 24, 2024
In the municipality of Candelaria, western province of Artemisa, there is the Soroa Botanical Orchid Garden, the only one of its kind in Cuba, with an area of 35,000 m² dedicated mainly to the cultivation of these beautiful flowers, whose humid and cool climate encourages the development of these exotic plants. Located west of the city of Havana, within the territory of the Reserve of the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere, on the outskirts of the town of Soroa, is found that paradise, which is accessed via the Havana-Pinar del Río highway.
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