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FITCUBA 2024 will take place in an unparalleled paradise: Jardines del Rey
Apr 22, 2024
The unparalleled setting that constitutes Jardines del Rey will be the one that will host more than 500 delegates and 80 national and foreign journalists who have so far confirmed their presence at the International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA 2024) that will take place from the 2nd to the 5th of next May.
Canada reaffirms itself as the first issuer of tourists to Cuba
Apr 20, 2024
A total of 399, 272 Canadian tourists visited Cuba until last March, 103.2% compared to the same period in 2023, to occupy first place in the arrival of international arrivals to the island, with which Canada reaffirms itself as the first issuer of vacationers to this destination. According to figures released by the National Office of Statistics and Information of Cuba (ONEI) in the first quarter of this year the total number of international travelers who arrived in the largest of the Antilles reached 983,261, a growth of 6.1%, of which 809 238 corresponded to tourism, an increase of 7.5% compared to the same period in 2023.
New air connection between the United Kingdom and Cuba will begin in May
Apr 20, 2024
The English tour operator Iron Travel has just signed an agreement with the Spanish company Grupo Euroairlines for the start of new air routes between Cuba and the United Kingdom that will begin in May 2024. A note released by the tourism analyst, José Luis Perelló, in his Facebook profile indicates that after the agreement signed by both parties, the British entity will have access to a network of travel agencies, OTAs, aggregators and consolidators present in more than 60 countries provided by the Spanish Euroairlines.
Cuba Receives Audience Award in the Grand Finale of the Havana Club Masters Cocktail  Contest
Apr 19, 2024
Cuba won the Audience Award, corresponding to the third prize, awarded by spectators attending the Global Grand Finale of the Contest Havana Club Cocktail Masters, concluded this Wednesday in the Cuban capital with the participation of eight teams from the same number of countries. A total of five prizes were awarded: the first Cuban Mastery was selected by judge Simone Caporale –renowned international bartender, awarded several times- and it was the team from the Czech Republic, the second Bartenders' Choice Awards and the fourth Bartender Words were won by the Spanish team.
The International Marlin Fishing Tournament will return to the Cuban seas
Apr 18, 2024
Over 10 fishing teams from Canada, Chile, Spain, South Africa, Bulgaria, United States and France, confirmed so far, will participate in the 72nd edition of the Needle Fishing International Tournament Ernest Hemingway that will take place in Havana May 27 to next June 1. According to the information, released at a recent press conference by Leidys Parra Rodríguez, deputy commercial director of the Marina Hemingway, headquarters of the event, the contest will be governed under the rules of the International Fish Game Association (IGFA), with teams of up to four fishermen.
Cuba launches new energy transition strategy in Abu Dhabic
Apr 18, 2024
Cuban Deputy Energy and Mines Minister Tatiana Amaran explained at the 14th Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) the new strategies adopted by her country to achieve energy transition. At the event, which runs until tomorrow in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Amaran attended the Ministerial Session of Small Island Developing States and the High-Level Public-Private Dialogue to achieve 100% electricity from renewable energy sources.
UNICEF supports Cuba’s neonatology services
Apr 16, 2024
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Cuba reported on Tuesday that it mobilized resources to support 19 neonatology services throughout the country in 2023.
Second group of vacationers from the Russian company Rosnetf arrives in Varadero
Apr 14, 2024
The second group of vacationers of the Russian oil company Rosneft of this season arrived this Saturday in Varadero aboard the “Rossiya” airline, this time with 380 passengers.
The Grand Muthu Almirante Beach hotel receives an important international award
Apr 13, 2024
The Grand Muthu Almirante Beach hotel, belonging to the Cubanacan S. A. Tourism Group, has just received the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Hotel Front of beach in Cuba.
The International Seminar on Journalism and Tourism will be held next June
Apr 11, 2024
The 17th International Seminar on Journalism and Tourism will be held from next June 17 to 21 in the Cuban capital with the objective of analyzing once again the trends of the called leisure and communication industry with emphasis on the role of sustainability and heritage in the development of this important economic sector.
Decorated National Hotel of Cuba with Award for the best historic hotel in the country
Apr 09, 2024
The emblematic Hotel Nacional de Cuba has just received the Award for Best Historic Hotel in Cuba in the XVI edition of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, it was announced this Monday.
Cuba’s ready for receiving 200,000 Russian tourists in 2024
Apr 08, 2024
Cuba is ready for receiving at least 200,000 Russian tourists this year, the Tourism Counselor of the Cuban Embassy to Russia, Cristina Leon, said on Monday. According to the diplomat, from January 1 to March 31, 2024, the tourist flow of Russians to Cuba was 66,887 citizens, which she considered a record figure, since in the same term of 2023 the country welcomed 32,224 people, the website published on Monday.
The solar eclipse in Cuba, a highly anticipated event
Apr 08, 2024
For anyone knowing that an eclipse will occur always arouses curiosity, for being a meteorological phenomenon that does not happen every day. This Monday everyone, specifically on the American continent, waits impatiently for the time of the event to arrive, as another one like it will not be possible for many years. According to Luis Enrique Ramos, coordinator of the Society's Meteorological History Commissiony of Cuba, this afternoon, Cuban time, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible in a part of Mexico, the United States, Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. In Cuba, the phenomenon will be seen as a partial eclipse.
Second edition of the International Transport and Logistics Fair successfully completed
Apr 06, 2024
The signing of 47 contracts and more than 140 business agreements was the final balance of the 2nd edition of the International Transport and Logistics Fair (FITL 2024), concluded this Friday with every success at the Pabexpo venue in Havana. The exhibition, which was attended by nearly 60 national and foreign exhibitors, among them from Spain, the United States, China, Germany and the Netherlands, among others, constituted a good opportunity to boost the recovery process of the sector from the exchange of experiences, conclusion of agreements and the signing of new businesses that allow progress in improving transportation on the island.
Vélo Cuba, from the traditional bicycle to the bamboo one
Apr 05, 2024
If a few years ago, they mentioned there were bamboo bicycles, perhaps some people would have thought it was something unusual. However, today there are several countries that use it, among them South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, the United States, Canada and in Cuba there are already some tested for some years with very good results. Precisely in the Cuban capital, Nayvis Díaz Labaut created an MSME three years ago (micro, small and medium-sized business) Vélo Cuba with the aim of facilitating mobility in the city through bicycles and, within this, it has the purpose of increasingly using bamboo cycles.
Fairs considered a boost for the Cuban economy
Apr 05, 2024
The holding of fairs is very beneficial for the nation's economy, as it makes it possible to bring in new exhibitors and investors to be with us in the country and to trust and bet on Cuba, considered Rafael Alejandro Rodríguez Maestrey, director of Pabexpo. In an exclusive interview granted to this magazine, the executive spoke extensively about the importance for the country's economy of holding these types of events that are far from incurring in expenses for the entity.
Electronic company ATEC presents its most recent novelty at the Transport Fair 2024
Apr 05, 2024
The electronic industry company “Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán” -ATEC- is present at the International Transport and Logistics Fair (FITL 2024) with one of its most important items, the electric tractor, intended for agricultural work. The new vehicle is considered an example of the importance that the country gives to care for the environment and energy savings, because in addition to being able to be used in light agriculture jobs such as greenhouses.
Inaugurated II International Transport and Logistics Fair, FITL 2024
Apr 04, 2024
The II International Transport and Logistics Fair, FITL 2024, was inaugurated this Wednesday in the capital's Pabexpo venue with the presence of the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz. Speaking at the opening, the Minister of Transportation, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, signified the importance of the event, considering it a necessary meeting point for the professionals in the sector.
Exhibition of the legacy of crafts in Cuba open until the end of April
Apr 01, 2024
Under the title “Santander Family: legacy and identity” a photography exhibition by Raúl Abreu will be open until the end of the month of April, which recreates the work of that family of potters and ceramists who for six generations have transmitted practices, techniques and knowledge of the art of the craftsmanship.
First flight of the Rosneft company arrives in Varadero
Mar 31, 2024
The first flight of the Russian entity Rosneft, dedicated to the oil sector, arrived on the night of this Friday to Varadero with 389 passengers benefiting from that company's program to promote well-being and quality of life policies for its workers, as part of its corporate business tourism project. They arrived at the international terminal “Juan Gualberto Gómez” to welcome the vacationers, who traveled aboard the airline Nordwind, the First Deputy Minister for Tourism María del Carmen Orellana Alvarado, Yoelkis Salazar Rivery, general director of the Group Havanatur, directors of the delegation of the ministry of the sector in the territory, together with the staff of the receptive that will be attending the operation in spring 2024 and other officials of the institution. This year, the arrival of 3 Rosneft groups are expected for the spring, 4 flights have been finalized so far 4 flights for the fall. From the first years when operations began through Havanatur Russia, the initiative has been taken responsibly by this tour operator as an official receptive, in favor of satisfying the expectations of the oil company, aimed at increasing the standards of life and health of its workers through activities in natural settings, something that has has been welcomed by the Russian side in all these years and for which it increased groups in 2024. Rosneft, one of the largest companies within the Russian nation, began its operations in Cuba since 2014 and selected Varadero, the main sun and beach plaza of the Cuban tourism destination to develop this type of programs, aimed at workers and family members, as pillars of health, quality and well-being policy to enrich life.
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