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Lianet Martínez Pino, The fortune of living or suffering art

By: Adis Marlen Morera, Photos: Courtesy of the artist
Lianet Martínez Pino, The fortune of living or suffering art

With hands capable of transforming ideas into authentic works of art, the Cuban artist Lianet Martínez Pino emerges with her own wings from the universe that surrounds contemporary Visual Arts in the largest of the Antilles.

Lianet Martinez Pino, The fortune of living or suffering artHer parents, among multiple reasons for inspiration and support, have contributed to mold her skills and cultural projection towards Cuba and the world.

“Some people look for influence apart from them. I particularly consider that such influence can also be by our side and in this sense I consider it to be essence of great inspirations, such as the work of Cuban artists Ana Mendieta, Antonina Eiriz, Jilma Madera and French Louise Bourgeois, among others”, highlighted the creator in exclusive dialogue with CubaPLUS Magazine.

Born in Cuban southern-central Cienfuegos province, Martínez Pino completed her first art studies in Havana, at the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, and later at the University of the Arts (ISA), spaces that prompted her to explore creation in the most diverse supports, while her work includes large-format sculptures, installations, photographs, drawings and paintings.

“Regardless of the multiplicity of supports I work with, the work that attracts most my interest is that of  three-dimensional nature. These are works, which  processes of reference and meaning transcend the two-dimensional plane”, the artist explained.

“In the future - she added- I will take performance and other styles up again without losing the conceptual line that defines me, because I believe that the widest possibilities of expression lie within that range."

The fascination she shows for her trade is contagious as emotions pour out from her pieces while she refers to them.

“By observing and working with the object as a carrier of symbols and content, I channel my ideas, which may be based on personal experiences or not, in interaction with the daily context and more general experiences that nurture and shape the work process. Once the pieces leave my studio and enter the public space, they become autonomous and radiate their own light and existence”, she commented.

During her student days, she presented works at the Polygraphic Triennial of San Juan, Puerto Rico; at the Art Fair in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and at confluence events such as the Boom Chicago Theater in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Lianet Martinez Pino, The fortune of living or suffering artAt the same time, she psrticipated with her creations in spaces of the Cuban capital such as the Ludwig de Cuba Foundation, N21 Art Studio, Galería Taller Gorría (GTG), the Center for the Development of Visual Arts and in four editions of the Havana Biennial, two of them within of the official project Behind the Wall.

Her creation process, she explained, has its own angels and demons, referring to the idea and the challenges involved in its materialization.

“From the moment the ideas arise, in the creation process, to its final result, there is a whole path of changes and development ahead, depending on the circumstances, contexts and moods, while a mixture of joy and challenges is experienced”, she pointed out.

Recently, Lianet Martínez displayed her talent at the CubArt Festival that took place in four Swiss cities, this time with 16 works from the "Mind Map" series.

“As of my piece “Bitácora” (Binnacle), I started to work on a new series that I titled “Mind Map”, consisting in drawings and watercolors, based on personal observation and experiences as part of a political-social framework. Presenting my work to such diverse audiences is always a source of satisfaction and dialogue with other cultures.”

Soon she will participate in the collective exhibition "Juana de las flores" among more than 70 artists, in Havana, which explores the symbology of the flower within the history of Cuban art.  She is also invited to the “Natura” exhibition, which will be inaugurated in the coming months in Leukerbad, Switzerland, and to an Artist Residency in Ílhavo, Portugal. Next year, among other projects, she expects to have a public intervention at the Havana Biennial.

When asked for a phrase that would define her life in art, she quoted the French writer Gustave Flaubert: "You don't choose your themes, you suffer from them."


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Lianet Martínez Pino

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