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EMCOMED: logistics operator par excellence

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EMCOMED: logistics operator par excellence

The Medicines Marketing and Distribution Company (Empresa Comercializadora y Distribuidora de Medicamentos or EMCOMED for short) is a national body that belongs to the Superior Business Management Organization (OSDE) BioCubaFarma. It arose from the process of reorganizing the country’s pharmaceutical industry, and is present throughout the supply chain as a logistics operator in the sector.

EMCOMED: logistics operator par excellenceIt has Base Business Units (UEB) in all provinces and in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, dedicated to storing, marketing, distributing and transporting products for import and export management, as well as raw materials, medicines and supplies in demand by the National Health System institutions and BioCubaFarma companies.

For continuous improvement, it is managed by processes and all UEBs interact with each other through a computerized system. The Integrated Management System was implemented, consisting of the Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Energy and Supply Chain Safety systems, maintaining a permanent policy of training and updating of technical knowledge.

It has a highly qualified and committed work force, with Sanitary Licenses for Pharmaceutical Operations and Operations with Diagnosticians, which include the transportation of medicines.

Over the years EMCOMED has been developing and has become not only a more evolved logistic service provider, but also designs and manages all or part of client supply chains.

The company's vision is to become a 4 PL logistics operator in the biopharmaceutical sector, of national and international reference, for which it needs a highly qualified and specialized workforce in logistics, in tune with the Information and Communication Technologies development, the globalization of the economy and environmental changes.

EMCOMED: logistics operator par excellenceIn the logistics sphere, human resources play a fundamental role; that is why the human capital management process is strategic in the organization and has 9 sub-processes that are managed in an integrated manner with a systemic approach: selection and integration; labor competencies; training and development; organization, safety and health at work; moral and material stimulation; performance evaluation; institutional communication and self-control.

The fundamental objective of this process is to achieve competitive and motivated human resources that contribute efficiently and effectively to the integral performance of the organization, which is why training is essential and is considered an investment.

There is a broad training and education program that ranges from preparation for on-the-job performance to raising the professional and scientific level of the workers, with emphasis on specializing in the different logistics areas. For this reason, links with universities are increased and consolidated, through collaboration agreements, especially with the Havana Technological Institute José Antonio Echevarría (CUJAE) and the Faculty of Health Technology (FATESA), part of the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, among other centers. This has allowed:

- Postgraduate academic training, mainly in subjects associated with logistics and/or distribution; and others such as Pharmacy and Psychology.

- The development of joint research projects with the participation of students, professors and workers. Certification by Health Technology Faculty as teaching units and scenarios of the provincial universities for EMCOMED branches in Villa Clara, Holguin, Guantanamo and Havana provinces, notably.

- The certification of specialists in different teaching categories and placement of workers in the different programs and areas of higher education.

EMCOMED holds the status of National Training Center category B, for its development in the technical preparation of its workers and aspires to have managers, technicians and general personnel, trained in Business Logistics and specialized in the different processes required by the specialty in line with new trends, society’s progress and the company’s competitiveness, in order to consolidate it as a reference center in logistics


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