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testimonio de David P Carroll

David P Carroll

A beautiful show of affection for our nation through art, a poem by David P Carroll
  • The Beautiful Sun In Cuba.
    The sun is shining so bright
    And the sky is so beautiful and 
    Blue and the little birds are 
    Singing in Havana
    To and the fields 
    Are full of beautiful smiling 
    Flowers so bright and yellow
    There smiling in 
    The warm sunlight 
    And Cuba is a beautiful sunny
    Warm place and the rosy colored sky
    Oh what a gorgeous sunny day
    In Havana today 
    And a warm gentle breeze
    Blowing all day and my  
    Memories will never fade away
    And I'm drinking my wine
    In Cuba all day 
    And I'm smiling so bright 
    And having so much fun
    I'm in the warm hot sun and my 
    Memories to cherish and so much 
    Happiness and so much joy and
    Everyone laughing with smiles on 
    There faces and I'll always
    Remember my sunny days 
    In beautiful Cuba
    Every day.
    David P Carroll.

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