San Remo brought together businesswomen and entrepreneurs in Cuba

San Remo brought together businesswomen and entrepreneurs in Cuba


Cubaplus Magazine

The program of the San Remo Festival, based at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, today included the third meeting of Businesswomen and entrepreneurs in Music.

The event included business promoters such as Babujal, which brings together more than 80 initiatives related to spirituality, acceptance, organization of community artistic events, work with projects to save animals and donations to children without filial protection and the creation of a promotion network.

For her part, Mayvic Delgado, another of the guests invited to the exchange of opinions from the renowned Hall of Fame, told Prensa Latina how her bachelor’s thesis in Art History became a novel business proposal associated with the analysis of private advertising in Cuba.

“I noticed that the self-employed needed to advertise, show their potential against the competition, use communication and promotional tools,” said the attendee at the meeting called Women, music and creation.

The study, added to her experience as Community Manager of the musical band Toques del Río, producer of the Garbos Magazine and the photographer May Reguera, contributed to consolidate a creative group called MadWoman.

“I have been linked to creative art direction, organization of events, projection of different brands, communicative work, and even curating exhibitions. All of this helped me to form that group more than two years ago,” she commented.

The business, whose name is inspired by the American series on advertising Mad Men, brings together a team in charge of the strategic conceptualization process, research, graphic design, video and photography, among other services.

“We also assume a process of training and prior analysis with the client to find out what they want, the characteristics of users of their page, the language and visual resources,” said Delgado.

MadWoman also designs media plans, from the creation of flyers, banners and promotional audiovisuals, and prepares a distribution proposal; as well as it provides personalized attention, prepares a content agenda and positioning in social networks.

“We launched and managed the communication of Mandao from the beginning, a project with solid and clear objectives and both businesses have grown together. The important thing is to earn the trust of those who hire us and demand our time, energy, enthusiasm and creativity”, he concluded.

Currently, they also work with renowned brands within the Cuban entrepreneurship such as Bravo, Gelato, CubaRon and HomeDeli and collaborated with national musicians and groups such as Real Project, Toques del Río, Iroye and Liana Milanés.

(With information from Prensa Latina)