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Paradise Cave, a natural museum

By: Rosy Mederos
Aug 29, 2022
Paradise Cave, a natural museum

Located just 500 meters from the Castillo hotel, in the eastern city of Baracoa, the Paradise Cave is a natural museum that allows visitors to travel back in time, as life forms, objects and pieces that belonged to the first inhabitants of the area.

Located in a natural environment in the second geological terrace called ¨Terraza Seboruco¨, this cave, according to specialists, was formed in the Quaternary period and is considered to be of phreatic origin (created by groundwater due to the filtration of rain or springs).

In it are located traces of the aborigines who populated the region more than 5 centuries ago. That cave is made up of three rooms. The first has on its walls a set of engravings of the aboriginal culture from different areas of Baracoa.

A 15-meter-high spiral staircase, installed in a large hole in the vault of the cave, connects visitors to the great room of the museum, which will then take them to another room where there are collections of vessels adorned with beautiful zoomorphic and anthropomorphic representations, a set of statuettes and pieces for ceremonies of high archaeological value.

There is also a Taino burial with its funerary offerings and then two openings communicate with the second terrace, where there is a reproduction of a Taino village with several houses, bohío type, rustic cabins built of wood, reeds and straw.

It is estimated that Paradise Cave houses some 2,000 Taíno pieces, including unearthed skeletons and ceramics, as well as sculptures of the aborigines, resembling the activities they carried out. This museum is a great tourist attraction, especially for lovers of archeology and history, who will be able to learn about the customs and way of life of the first civilizations that inhabited that area of the largest of the Antilles.

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