Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba to close 2020 with digest show

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba to close 2020 with digest show


Prensa Latina

The internationally renowned Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba company (LADC) has announced a special perfoming digest in this capital '1, 2, 3... All to the stage!' show, which compiles all its educational, social, and professional work. 

The company was recently declared official seat of the Flamenco School of Andalusia (EFA) and celebrated the international day of this Spanish dancing expression with a flashmob, as a group action done in a public place and later broadcast on the web. 

Besides, LADC decided to do its own choreography of the Jerusalema challenge, a South African song with the same name which has been danced online by groups across the globe; each iniciative has been broadcast on social media as a challenge to share a message of love, hope, joy, and peace in difficult times.

The Jerusalema challenge video on the company's YouTube channel exceeded one million views in four weeks. 

Both initiatives are included in the Dec.18-20 galas at Teatro Marti, of this capital; as the LADC directors ponder the message of force, joy, and hope, so necessary to welcome the new year with renewed eagerness.

According to a statement of the company, the performances will be a dance trajectory of this season's successes and an example of the educational, social, and professional work it carries out as a cultural institution.

A selection of the groups of the Vocational Workshops, the Children's and Youth Ballets and professional dancers will perfom in the theater's scene.