Great companies on World Ballet Day

Great companies on World Ballet Day


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The many lovers of one of the most demanding artistic disciplines celebrate World Ballet Day on October 19, a day in which the performance of the most prestigious companies in the world can be appreciated.

Presentations, live classes, talks, interviews ... are part of the online broadcasts that take place practically throughout the day of celebration of this event that combines dance, music and performance, and whose origins date back to the Renaissance era.

The international day has been commemorated since 2014 on the initiative of the Royal Opera House, of the United Kingdom, the Bolshoi Ballet, of Russia, the Australian Ballet, and other relevant groups from the world joined the program.

Companies from all continents today show aspects of their work in this artistic expression, among them the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) and Acosta Danza.

The first offers a complete class by maître Ana Leyte, presented by the general director, Viengsay Valdés, with the participation of the outstanding dancers Anette Delgado, Dani Hernández, Grettel Morejón, Chanell Cabrera, Claudia García and Adrián Sánchez.

Founded in 1948 by the ballet legend Alicia Alonso, together with Fernando and Alberto Alonso, the BNC is one of the most recognized groups at an international level, with an esteemed school. An exclusive preview of what it is currently doing is shown by Acosta Danza, a young group established in 2015 distinguished by the combination of the classic and contemporary, fused with elements of Cuban dance. Its founder and director, Carlos Acosta, trained at the Escuela Cubana  de Ballet, has danced professionally in important companies worldwide and one of the most famous dancers of late 20th and 21st centuries.

The American Ballet Theater and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (both from the United States), Le Grands Ballets (Canada), Monterrey Ballet (Mexico), Sao Paulo Dance Company (Brazil) and Concert Ballet (Puerto Rico), among others also from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, in a great function that can be attended at

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