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Cuba’s Contemporary Dance opens 2018 with new prize

By: Prensa Latina
Jan 02, 2018
Cuba’s Contemporary Dance opens 2018 with new prize

The Cuba’s Contemporary Dance company (DCC) has received the Prize Alicia Alonso Great Theater of Havana, bestowed by the own dancer to artists or institutions with an outstanding performance on that stage. The Committee and Alonso, who act as chairman, bear in mind this year the aesthetics of a dance company which has performing a noteworthy artistic work along more than half a century. Also was worth mentioning in the Honor Book of this prestigious Coliseum, founded 180 years ago, the mega concert performed the past 30 of April, with regard to the International Day of Jazz which had the presence of some word exponents of this genre, among them, Herbie Hancock, Jesus Chucho Valdés and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Besides, the concert performed by the American singer and composer Rufus Wainwright, on September 24, 2017, was emphasized, because he offered an obvious sign of his artistic versatility. Another nomination registered among the best in last year was the staging of the Carmina Burana cantata which brought together in the same stage to Contemporary Dance, the National Symphonic Orchestra and the National and Children Chorus, under the direction of Miguel Iglesias, Enrique Pérez Mesa and Digna Guerra, respectively. The committee was also integrated, besides Alonso, by the Cuba’s National Ballet historian, Miguel Cabrera; the director of the National Museum of Dance, Pedro Simon; the specialist of the same institution, José Ramón Neyra; and the journalist Yuris Nurido. After the award ceremony, the National Ballet celebrated the anniversary 59 of the Cuban Revolution triumph with the classic staging Don Quijote, with Anette Delgado, Yoel Carreño, Ariel Martinez and Ginett Moncho performing the leading roles together with soloists and dancers of the famous dance company.

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