Cuban television is among the pioneers of Latin America

Cuban television is among the pioneers of Latin America

Heritage & Traditions

By Alina Veranes

Promoted by the UN in 1996, Cuba celebrates World Television Day this November 21, very close to the recent celebrations for the 72 years since that institution was created, founded on October 24, 1950, with which it stood next to Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are among the first Latin American countries to have this cultural and technological service.


Today, after a lot of rain and experience gained in between, Cuban Television, converted into a vehicle for the comprehensive improvement and recreation of the population, enjoys one of the largest audiences nationwide, compared to its similarity of the region, even though it is not perfect and has critics at home like all its peers in the world, because "no one is a prophet in his own land", as it says, it seems to me, in the Bible.


Well, that's what happens in the best families. It cannot be denied that its emergence with a marked commercial character and the technological and financial contribution of US companies provided it with a solid scaffolding or platform, recognized by the country's authorities, once time had passed and the time had come, with the process revolutionary transforming the life of the people, to provide television with a higher and enriching content of the spirit.


Not only was there a clear commitment to educating, through cultural, scientific, and historical programming, newscasts, in addition to the sports programs had. It was necessary to improve the dramatized offer, not only with soap operas or light comedies but with a good theatrical and cinematographic offer that would value the best of Cuban culture, until then based on mercantilism. In addition, it was imperative to take the TV signal to a greater percentage of the national territory, since in 1959 it only covered a quarter of its extension.


It has been, finally, a medium made and conceived for the most part by professionals in love, versatile, full of dedication and passion who had the merit and courage to learn the basics of their work, walking and on the go, because of this fascinating novelty nothing was known in the beginning. First in black and white, then with the slow but definitive arrival of colors, now in a clear process of solidifying digitization, with specialized channels, in all provinces and even in some municipalities, defying the harsh obstacles of the economic siege, they have been years, of improvement, creativity, sacrifices, professionalism, beauty and even glory for producers and viewers, in the trajectory of Cuban Television.

Congratulations again!