Cuban Pharmacist's Day, a well-deserved celebration

Cuban Pharmacist's Day, a well-deserved celebration

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Without the pharmacist, the health sector would be "lame", since its function is not only the sale of medicines but with specialized training, it can prepare and deliver the products prescribed by the doctor, in addition to having the necessary training to control the quality of drugs, their production, and development.

Due to the importance of this work, since the year 2000, every November 22, Pharmacist's Day is celebrated in Cuba in commemoration of the birth of Antonio Guiteras Holmes (1906-1935), a prominent Cuban politician and revolutionary, who graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy in 1927 at the University of Havana, who offered his life in the fight for the independence of the island.

The transcendental role played by these workers during the battle carried out by the country in the two harshest years of the scourge of COVID-19 is noteworthy, since their contributions to the development and production of vaccines were fundamental.

In this regard, the Minister of Health of the largest of the Antilles, José Ángel Portal Miranda, during the recognition ceremony for these professionals, held last year at the Sauto theater in Matanzas, praised the hundreds of pharmacists who devoted themselves in isolation centers, where they ensured compliance with diagnosis and treatment protocols during the pandemic stage.

Even in very complex sanitary and material conditions, the 2,180 community pharmacies and the more than 600 hospital and care unit pharmacies remained in operation, while the 77 local production centers and more than 500 clinics continued to produce natural and dispensary medicines, with highly productive levels in phyto and tap pharmaceuticals,

With more than 21,000 workers, this health sector currently has state-of-the-art technology and innovation for the development and production of drugs through the Business Group of Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries of Cuba, BioCubaFarma, created in 2012 and to which belong more than thirty companies producing medicines for the preservation of the health of the Cuban people.

A big congratulations to all Cuban pharmacists on their day.