Cuba is unique in healthcare

Cuba is unique in healthcare


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The values and commitment that characterize the care that Cuban doctors provide to their patients make the largest of the Antilles unique in terms of  service in its health system.

During a meeting held this Thursday with businessmen participating in the Havana International Fair (FIHAV 2022) and the specialized press, the First Vice President of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A. (CSMC S.A.), Lic. Beatriz Areña signified the prestige achieved by the island at an international level within the sector for having highly qualified doctors committed to the human being.

 An example of this is the Cuban medical brigades that provide services in some 23 nations, many of which have treated thousands of patients in emergency situations, such as epidemics like Ebola in African countries and earthquakes, such as the one that occurred in Haiti in January 2010.

Later, he announced the foreign investment opportunities offered by the country in the sector, as a source of development for the nation's health, especially in medical and wellness tourism. She mentioned several projects open to investment, including wellness and life quality centers, distributed throughout the country.

 “We have 12 spas with very unique characteristics that are different from their thermo-mineral medicinal waters, many of which have  waters to treat rheumatological and dermatological conditions, among others”, she explained.

Finally, she also referred to other projects for foreign investment that consist of the creation of international health centers, particularly for addiction treatment, located in the east of the island. On the other hand, during the meeting, communication specialist Patricia Alonso Galban presented the entity's new website, in Spanish and English.

With "all-in-one" management that facilitates interaction with the client,  communicator Laura Domínguez gave participants the magazine Destinos Salud (Health Destinations), whose objective is to make readers aware of the programs and services of CSMC S.A.

The 38th edition of FIHAV 2022 took place at the ExpoCuba fairgrounds and concludes activities this Friday with the award ceremony in various categories: stand design, product quality, and communication, among others.