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Ballet de Camagüey celebrates 50 years of founding in Cuba

By: Prensa Latina service
Dec 09, 2017
Ballet de Camagüey celebrates 50 years of founding in Cuba

The Ballet of Camagüey (BC) celebrated on Tuesday 50 years of being founded in Cuba with a show of works that allude to the basic styles of its art: the classicism and romanticism of dance. The company founded half a century ago by the dancer and teacher Vicentina de la Torre, in this central province of the country, will open the program with Las Sylphides, by Mikhail Fokin, who pretended a piece closer to poetry and the incorporeal nature of the romantic spirit that to the aerobatic flair attached to modern ballet. The Principal Theater of Camagüey will host this artistic gala, which is just one of several planned to celebrate the anniversary that motivated one of the four jewels of the Cuban ballet, Aurora Bosch, to travel here for two weeks to participate in classes, rehearsals and other events. According to the teacher told Prensa Latina, she was very happy to arrive in this city located about 500 kilometers from her native Havana and to get in touch with a company that shares the same root of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC). The base of both entities lies in the Alicia Alonso Ballet Academy, where they studied De la Torre, Bosch and other artists under the aegis of Alicia, Alberto and Fernando Alonso, who after directing the BNC from 1948 to 1975 would occupy the same position in the BC from 1975 to 1992. The dancers of this company have a lot of courage and desire to do and dance, said the maître d 'who day after day inspires them with her wisdom and impressive physical capacity at almost 75 years of age. The boldness is a quality difficult to measure when children are selected to study ballet because it is revealed little by little during the development of the personality of the human being; and it gives me tremendous pleasure to find that quality so important here, deepened Bosch. The program for tonight's show includes the pas de troi of the first act of Swan Lake, and La fille mal gardée, a piece created at the end of the 18th century, in the midst of the French Revolution, demanding a balance between its performers performance and technique. Under the direction of the maître Regina Balaguer, the protagonists of the gala will be the dancers Rosa Maria Armengol, Yanny García, Sara de Miranda, Elizabeth Pagés, Zaida Henríquez, Oleydi Labrada and Jonathan Pérez, among others. On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the BC, choreographer and Cuban director Rosario Cárdenas - National Dance Award 2013 - came with her company to exhibit her most recent premiere, Aphrodite, Âíoh espejo !, inspired by the parallelism between deities of Cuba and Cyprus. Meanwhile, the functions of December 6, 7 and 8 will be attended by the first BNC dancer Sadaise Arencibia, who along with her partner Raúl Abreu will perform the adage of the second act of Swan Lake, and the pas de deux of the second act of Giselle, universal and imperishable works.

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