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Acosta Dance performs for the first time works of international choreographers in Cuba

By: Prensa Latina
Jan 17, 2018
Acosta Dance performs for the first time works of international choreographers in Cuba

The Cuban company Acosta Dance expressed that will perform for the first time in this Caribbean country works composed by choreographers Spain’s María Rovira; Belgian Sidi Larbi; and British Christopher Bruce. 

The first season in this year of the dance company founded and directed by the spectacular dancer Carlos Acosta is called Myths and will take place in the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theater, on next February 9-11. 

From Catalan Rovira’ repertoire, the audience will be able to appreciate Impronta, a solo which recreates the dance of the Yoruba pantheon divinity Yemaya, and the piece El salto de Nijinsky (Nijinsky jump), inspired by the life of one of the dance history’s legends, the Russian artist Vaslav Nijinsky (1890-1950). 

Also, will be possible to see for the first time here the duet Mermaid (Sirena), by Larbi, created especially for Acosta who will return to the stage accompanied by the company’s dancer Marta Ortega, winner of the Performance Prize 2017, granted by the Cuba National Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC). 

Acosta will act in Rooster again, a Bruce’s choreography that deals with the seduction’s strategies starting on eight well-known songs of the British Band the Rolling Stones. 

Complete the show, the revival of Imponderable, piece of the Spanish Goyo Montero inspired by the lyrical work of the Cuban troubadour Silvio Rodríguez, with music by Owen Belton and by Rodríguez himself who recorded poems in his voice especially for this show. 

According to a statement of Acosta Dance, Myths’ season opening a wide presentation program which train them for this year, with a national tour, several world premieres and outstanding guests of the international scene. 

The artistic group performed its premiere in April 2016 and its mean aim is to offers integrated shows from the contemporary and the neoclassical, without rejects other expressions, times and styles of the dance art.

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