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Vimang: health throught nature

By: Marta Gómez Ferrals, Photos: Prensa Latina and Ricardo Potts
Vimang: health throught nature

Vimang is used in collateral cancer therapy and also shows excellent results in the improvement of the quality of life of terminally ill patients with HIV/ systemic lupus, and infertility in women.

Vimang: health throught nature

About 5 years ago, the Centre of Pharmaceutica Chemistry (COF) began to produce its latest Cuban product Vimang, for the international market. At a press conference in Havana, Dr, Alberto Nunez, Director of the COF described this natural product as an immune system regulator and a strong anti-oxidant effective against oxidant stress as we as having analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, It was reported at that time that comparative studies with similar foreign products showed that Vimang was proven to have certain advantages including in the hepatic and brain protection indexes in those patients taking this formula, Vimang is now patented in over 20 countries and marketed in more than 50 and is available as a cosmetic cream, favoured tablets or in powdered form.

Life of the Mango Now that we know that modern science has proven the remarkable properties of this product we should talk about its humble origin, The name, "Vimang," comes from "vida del mango" or "life of the mango," according to the creator of the original formula, a simple farmer named Eleuterio Paez.

Eleuterio says that his family worked very hard on the land and successfully grew mango trees in their native Province of Pinar de Rio, Mango bark extract has been used since colonia times to treat a variety of ilnesses.

Vimang: health throught nature

Using his family traditions and the popular wisdom that was passed down generation to generation from the time of his great grandfather, Eleuterio began experimenting in the 1970's, He worked with the bark of the mango tree, Mangifera indica L, and created his own formu a and began successfully treating people in the area.

The reputation of Eleuterio's natural product spread from his neighbourhood to the Havana suburb of Arroyo Naranjo where he retired after leaving behind his farm and his career as a lieutenant commander in the Cuban Armed Forces, Today, after science has proven the pharmacological properties of Vimang and years of industrial production, this generous, hardworking, and inteligent man continues to contribute from his home.

Eleuterio considers Vimang a natural restorative and an aid to good health, Apart from showing its effectiveness against the diseases previously mentioned, this natural product a so serves to fight asthma, psoriasis, urinary and prostate disorders.

Apart from his own great know edge, Eleuterio has received the assistance and support of Cuban scientists in the development of the product. He has worked with specialists to use Vimang to cure women suffering from cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, and leucorrhoea and they have shown positive results in a most a hundred percent of the cases.

Eleuterio says that his natural product does not cure cancer but its effectiveness in the restoration of the immune system helps to increase a person's capacity to fight against that terrible disease.

Vimang: health throught nature

Vimang in the Therapy against AIDS Due to Vimang's effectiveness against oxidant stress, a process that damages human health by producing free radicals, Cuban scientists began a study of patients with H V to see the effect of this natural product.

When mating with cellular components, free radicals damage those organisms and thus reduce the human body's defence systems.

It is said that one of most dramatic causes of oxidant stress is the loss of C04 blood cells, a type of T- lymphocyte that pays a major role in the immune system, The loss of those cells a so contributes to A OS.

The study previously mentioned assessed the use of Vimang as a nutritional supplement for patients with HIV or AIDS, tracking its eve s for possible renal, liver and blood toxicity.

In the initial stages of the disease, patients had a positive response to the treatment maintaining CD4 blood cell levels above 350 per cubic mm.

Later, during anti-retroviral therapy, it is believed that the restorative powers of Vimang can contribute to an improvement in the patient's quality of life which has been damaged by the colateral effects of the anti-retrovirals.

Though this formula has proven to have a positive effect on HIV positive individuals, more research is panned for the future.

As we can see, Vimang has both proven qualities and a world of possibilities.

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