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Beauty and simplicity, attributes of current Cuban fashion

By: Marta Barés Gómez Photos: Prensa Latina
Beauty and simplicity, attributes of current Cuban fashion

Current Cuban fashion has successfully entered the third millennium with a combination of its own style and international trends arising from the Caribbean.

Beauty and simplicity, attributes of current Cuban fashion

It is very common to regard fashion as something variable, autocratic or even boring but if you look at it carefully, then you can see it for what it really is: an economic fact materialized through along and complex process of production, the end of which can be vague, subtle, and unpredictable.

Clothes and their accessories help to differentiate the style and personality of each person, t acts as an external decoding of taste, culture, peoples regions and social levels.

In this sophisticated and comp ex industry, Cuba has historically shown a high eve of achievement. This is evidenced by the current boom in Cuban designers and their many international awards.

Cuban traditions and the torrid summer heat dictate the country's current fashion, Characterized by the use of natural fabrics, while more expensive they are a so fresher and more comfortable, Cotton, gauze, and linen, in light colours, are very appropriate for the endless summer in the tropics.

Handcrafted fabrics are a so in fashion again such as crochet bobee or Richelieu embroideries, Corduroys and other bias cloth are in vogue when people become tired of artificial fabrics and turn to the natural ones.

Beauty and simplicity, attributes of current Cuban fashion

Pleating is common y used nowadays, They are current y seen as one of the world trends influenced by the Cuban everyday life, The guayabera, the most famous Cuban shirt deserves special mention for becoming a classic, This traditional shirt continues to gain wider international popularity, a though ironically, locals do not wear it very often, However, there are daring and modern guayabera designs for both men and women and a Cuban fashion designers have several versions in their collections.

Fashion designer Mercy Nodarse stands out with her classical dress gowns, guayaberas and other oose-fitting shirts called habaneras, Her designs are essential for elegant and cultured Cuban men and women who want to be current with fashion trends that are tied to their roots.

Emiliano Ne son is another popular Cuban fashion designer whose guayabera designs are elegant y enriched with ace trimming and openwork embroidery in a unique mixture of beauty and tradition.

The Hollywood star, Danny Glover, who is fond of guayaberas, travels around the world wearing them as do several Caribbean and African diplomats who have at east one guayabera designed by Emiliano Ne son.

The Cuban traditional dress, part of the national identity, attracts fans from a over the world and originates from a combination of French and Spanish traditions.

Beauty and simplicity, attributes of current Cuban fashion

Natalia Santos exhibits a remarkably romantic style in her inimitable designs, She was awarded the 2003 UNESCO Handicraft Prize for her unique dresses and clothes which have gained her a privileged position in Cuba and abroad, The work of one of the most important fashion designers of La Maison Fashion House in Havana, Martha Veronica Vega, a so deserves to be praised, With more than 20 years of experience, Martha has designed numerous excelent collections.

The multi-award winning Evidio Perdomo from the popular Balenciaga Fashion House has achieved very good results with his designs based on a patchwork theme.

New fashion figures are emerging, That is the case of young and talented fashion designer Jacquelyn Fumero, a devoted follower of her successful predecessors, She has entered the fashion world with unique ideas such as her Trinidad Collection, She incorporates the handicraft skills of craftswomen from the central Cuban region into her revealing and appealing designs full of typical Caribbean co ors.

These creative and unique designers he p to counteract the standardization of fashion by taking their own roads away from the mechanical imitation of a global product.

Cuba's designers have emerged from their roots and have integrated international trends to create an original, fluid and cosmopolitan style, Apart from being a luxurious part of the contemporary Cuban culture, the designs are gaining an important and we -defined pace abroad.

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