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Planta Mecánica: The Factory of Factories

By: Cubaplus
Planta Mecánica: The Factory of Factories

In the city of Santa Clara, privileged land communications point of Cuba and 256 km from Havana, we find Planta Mecánica, the most important factory complex of mechanical constructions in the country. Founded on May 3, 1964, it initially established its production in the national market with equipment and spare parts for the sugar industry.

Fabric Aguilar Noriega, The Factory of Factories

Years later, it also established itself as a producer of machinery for the metallurgical, steel and cement industries, mining, hydraulic and oil works, are among the most significant. The industrial complex has specialized divisions, service workshops, laboratories and warehouses. It also has an industrial railway access linked to the central railway.

Its technological potential, the assimilation of special technologies and more than 50 years tradition in production, make this industrial complex today an organization capable of taking on the most diverse projects and placing its products on the national and international market. It has high-level and specialized personnel carrying out the processes of engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, assembly and aftersales services for the equipment it supplies.

For its development, the Planta Mecánica has favored joint productions with international firms, which endorse a range of competent and attractive activities for the most demanding businessman. Furthermore, it is their intention to offer advantageous conditions for the purpose of establishing productive, technical and commercial alliances, not only with the aim of improving their technology and increasing their level of quality, but also to offer more competitive products with prices, quality and possibilities of positioning itself for export, preferably in the Latin American and Caribbean area.

Fabric Aguilar Noriega, The Factory of Factories

For this, the Planta Mecánica offers advantages in area and technological equipment, production experience, favorable geographical location, excellent qualification level of its staff and management, as well as prices.

The structure of the entity constitutes a guarantee as to the quality of its manufacture because it has machinery workshops. Here they produce a wide range of technological equipment and spare parts for the sugar, metallurgical, mining, petroleum and construction materials industries, etc.

These workshops are equipped with 18 bridge cranes of 20 and 50 tons, and machine tools such as: Vertical lathes up to (ø 5 200 mm x 2500) Milling machines with tables up to 1600 x 5000 mm Gear shaper cutters up to 5000 mm, module 34 mm Brushes, drills, among others Maximum parallel lathing (D x L) 1250 x 6300 mm Maximum drilling 70 mm Maximum boring (work table) 12000 x 6000 mm Maximum boring (work height) 5000 mm Interior grinding maximum 400 x 320 mm Surface grinding maximum 400 x 2000 mm Exterior grinding maximum 780 x 6000 mm Ironwork and Welding Workshops Its main line of work is to produce a wide and varied range of equipment for the mining, cement, metallurgical, and construction industries, which include, among others, rotary kilns, pouring ladles, roller tracks for rolling mills, 60 tons furnaces for foundries, continuous casting troughs, screw conveyors for transferring minerals, runway mills, concentric reductions for boilers and pipes in general. It has its own machinery workshop, it has 10 bridge cranes of up to 20 tons and 6 auxiliary cranes.

Foundry The foundry workshop was opened in 1966. It has small capacity foundry and foundry services for non-ferrous metals. The foundry area includes processes for iron and steel with a capacity of 4,000 and 6,000 tons per year, respectively. High and low carbon steels, low alloy steels, gray iron, and others are melted. It has two electric arc furnaces of 8 tons of nominal capacity each, for the melting process. This workshop produces mainly to support services in other areas of the we find Planta Mecánica, the most and has sufficient capacity for the manufacture of semi-finished die cast products for other customers.

With our contribution we guarantee the smooth operation of industry in general, among which can be highlighted: • Sugar Industry • Renewable Energy • Metallurgy and Mining • Transportation • Chemical Industry • Construction, Cement, Hydraulics. • Mechanical Industry.

Export is the fundamental way to gain finance to allow the achievement of progress. That is why our company has grown significantly, with vast experience, since we have a license for exports, which are increasing in diversity and frequency, Latin America and the Caribbean being our main markets, mentioning countries such as: Mexico, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Guadalupe, Costa Rica, Martinique, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala.

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