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Empresa de Servicios Asociados al Envase (ESAE) is part of the GESIME group and its fundamental objective is to produce tooling that meets the needs of other manufacturing companies.


The company’s general director Raúl Monroy told this publication that fundamentally ESAE produces dies and moulds that other manufacturers need for their production processes to minimize spending on materials especially in terms of imports, because we play a large role in import substitution.

“Eight years ago when I took over its leadership ESAE was a company that was going under. Since then we’ve worked arduously to create a new image and find a place for ourselves within Cuban industry, strengthening it in every sense,” he said.

“Today we are fully fitted out with equipment that holds great potential for the company from a technical point of view,” says Monroy. In his opinion, “with this very efficient and productive machinery that we’ve been modernizing, plus our highly qualified human capital, ESAE’s future is assured.”

Over the past few years the company has begun to play an important role within the group, particularly in its water-saving programme, and is now involved in manufacturing products no-one thought could be produced in Cuba.


Nevertheless ESAE is doing it, says Monroy. Examples of these products include the moulds for the rubber gaskets on fridge doors, axles for the laminators used to make electrical resistors, moulds for casting parts for pressure cookers, rice cookers and electric slow cookers.

The company can produce dies of all types of up to one meter in diameter, and moulds of any type. This is a worthy enterprise because it reduces the amount of raw materials needed in other production processes, for instance aluminium can production that requires tons of aluminium.

“Our clients grow in parallel with our modernization. Only this year we’ve supplied 465 Cuban companies. We play an important role in the food industry because we manufacture the machines that seal tins and cans. A third of our production plan is geared towards the food industry, the rest is concentrated within the GESIME group, in the transport industry. We work very closely with the group and its own companies, ensuring they are equipped with the tooling and machinery they work with,” concluded Monroy.

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