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For over three decades, our tool production has paved the way for regular customers who are here to stay.

The Empresa de Servicios Asociados al Envase (ESAE), one of the pillars of the mechanical steel engineering industry in Cuba, works today to offer its clients an excellent service while supporting the national plan of economic development and import substitution. According to the deputy director of the organization, Susana López Rubí, one of the fundamental functions of the organization is the design and production of molds and dies, for which there is an area for design and technology with experts who have vast experience in the sector, capable of satisfying the demands of the client.


The molds, explained López Rubí, are classified according to how they are produced into injection, compression, blow and extrusion molds. The material used for production is selected according to the complexity and quantity of pieces to produce. These materials can be: zamak, tempered steel, stainless steel or aluminium

Regarding the dies, the executive explained that they are produced with special steel to obtain the strength to guarantee their durability and are classified as Cut, Folded, Inlaid and Multiple, corresponding to the piece required.

The company, part of the Grupo Empresarial de la Industria Sidero Mecánica (GESIME) and with over 35 years of experience, makes dies of every type, provided they measure less than one meter in diameter, and all types of molds, whose technical characteristics vary according to the function of the article being made.

For its productions, said the director later, ESAE has modern equipment that gives it potential from a technical point of view and highly qualified human capital, so it can be said that “the future of ESAE is guaranteed”


Conditions: -The client is obliged to present a technical specification to the design and technology area detailing the request for the desired article and our specialists will jointly assess the best option for product development. -The technical recommendations regarding the use, handling and maintenance of molds and dies must be respected to ensure their useful life.

-The client must approve the final design. -Design and manufacturing services must be requested during the course of the trade fair for scheduling according to demand and, subsequently, to be analyzed and active recruitment to happen, in order to carry out proper service planning.

In the event that the client would like a start-up at home by ESAE specialists, this must be contracted and agreed within the initial terms of agreement.

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