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EIE: With Vision 2020

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EIE: With Vision 2020

With five years of work experience, the Empresa Industria Electrónica (EIE) underpins its work in the lighting market, ever more dynamic and complex, to guarantee every demand and create solutions to fit clients and the areas of use.

We have a modernised assembly line to assemble LED lights, with a production capacity of 1 million units per year, for which the area is made up of production line, ageing line, test laboratory and completed production, explained Edel Gómez Gómez, General Director.

With the creation of an easy-to-install product, with high energy efficiency and light quality, the national industry seeks to consolidate itself in the lighting sector, as forecasts of future prices of electricity show a clear upward trend which goes together with the constant rise in demand for energy.

In this way, the time is favourable to invest and convert ourselves into a producer of energy in keeping with the times, which is why the decision to install a photovoltaic solar park is one of those alternatives that has never been more affordable, advantageous and easy for a company as it is today. Now is the time to transform our company for economically sustainability and prepare it for the future with a clear energy strategy, he assured.

In explaining EIE’s role in the construction of the photovoltaic park he said that at the start they constructed flat photovoltaic parks, in parking lots, bicycle parks, on rooftops and they will continue building them. The factory has completed five photovoltaic parks and they intend to make them not only in the industry, but also in other factories that need them, allowing the country to save energy as long as they are industrial photovoltaic parks.

In this respect, Gómez Gómez added that &with this photovoltaic field, the advantage we have in our company is that it goes directly to the sources of our energies, there’s no loss of power and it reduces our street electricity cost to what we have today. Before, we paid between 40,000 and 50,000 pesos and today we’re paying between 27,000 and 29,000 pesos." (equivalent in dollars)

Currently, EIE has the potential to generate around six hundred and sixty-six kilowatts peak from solar energy, which implies the total installation of two thousand six hundred and sixty four photovoltaic modules in photovoltaic solar generators connected to the organization’s internal system. Once all the planned power is installed, more than two hundred and sixteen megawatts / hour per year will be produced with the consequent saving of diesel, equivalent and the reduction of tons of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

To achieve these goals, we have installation services for photovoltaic systems from one hundred kilowatts peak and even projects with over a hundred mega watts for implementation and professional support throughout the process. We adapt our solutions to different systems and to the conditions of the floor, roofs and facades", he added.

Later he signalled that &our industry has solutions for the different photovoltaic systems in the production of electrical energy as well as the assembly and installation of these systems. We also have technical availability to provide warranty and post warranty services and technical assistance to investors. And we plan to create a control room for monitoring the main measurable parameters of different photovoltaic parks in service through a scaled system. Meanwhile, a factory is currently being built in order to serve investors, whether they be investors that we have installed in the factory or investors that have the electrical connection installed in different places", he said.

The EIE", he continued, &is a company that today works with electronic commerce, we are pioneers in electronic commerce; we work in the currency markets, we work with the closed systems of tourism in different facilities and we work in Mariel. Therefore we are working based on the things needed by the state without forgetting the needs of the population that the country must satisfy".

Finally, he stressed that the organization is preparing itself from this point of view for the national market in two ways and, at the same time, &we are preparing to be the first export models. We are looking for this status because the country needs fresh money and the Camilo Cienfuegos company depends on the guidelines and needs that the country has at this time".

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