Cometal. “A Solution Within Your Reach”

Cometal. “A Solution Within Your Reach”

Cuba Industria


For more than three decades, the Empresa de Producciones Metálicas, Cometal, part of the Grupo Empresarial de la Industria Sidero Mecánica (Gesime), of the Ministerio de Industrias, has played a fundamental role in the industrialization process of our country, thus contributing to the economic development. This body is an industry in constant evolution based on advanced engineering of products and services, whose offers have certified quality and competitive prices.

Cometal: “A Solution Within Your Reach”

It was created with the objective of producing and marketing products and services such as electromechanical stairs, elevators, hoists and mats, as well as their parts, pieces, components and accessories; cold rooms, storage facilities and enclosures for the construction systems it produces; metal structures, lightweight panels; electrodes and welding equipment, as well as their parts and pieces, accessories and components; systems, structural and modular construction systems, including their design, layout and delineation, it also has the robustness to provide assembly services, installation and start-up, maintenance, repair and remodelling of the equipment it produces and markets.

Cometal, at present, is a leading company, gaining prestige for offering products and services of excellence, endorsed by its clients for satisfaction and confidence, since it always offers technical and engineering solutions for the installation and sustainability of elevators and escalators; it produces and commercializes a wide range of electrodes and offers constructive turnkey solutions, with associated technological developments and a specialized human capital to satisfy the needs and interests of its clients at national and international level.

It also has highly qualified professionals that allow it to carry out fast and efficient imports of raw materials, accessories, parts and spare parts that guarantee the productions of the Unidades Empresariales Básicas (UEB) that compose it.

Cometal: “A Solution Within Your Reach”

Those specialists work to integrate the company with the new development goals of the country, raising work quality in a continuous and sustained way, as well as the qualification of the workers, to become leader in the speciality, and place it in the minds of its customers as an organization of excellence, innovative and equipped to provide solutions to their needs, in an optimal timeframe and at a competitive cost, with a certified integrated management system.


ELECTRODES Production and commercialization of electrodes for manual electric arc welding, with the required technological modernization, enabling coverage of national demand and import substitution.

MODULAR CONSTRUCTIONS Very versatile solution, fast and lower cost than the traditional without affecting the beauty, quality and comfort of the built installations.

TITAN STEEL CONSTRUCTIVE SYSTEM Lightweight industrialized structural system, based on the use of small pieces which allow the configuration of a resistant structure to which the enclosure leaves are fixed.

Cometal: “A Solution Within Your Reach”

ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS Vertical transport - or as it is more commonly known, the elevator - provides a turnkey service, from design to after-sales, aimed at satisfying customer needs.

PANELS Manufacture and marketing of panels for construction and refrigerators, such as the sandwich panel from 40 to 120 mm thick, in the case of those intended for construction. In the case of refrigeration panels, from 60 to 200 mm thick. Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation. Internal and external face in pre-lacquered steel. Useful width 1 100 mm.

GASTRONOMIC SERVICES Specialized Services for the Maintenance and Repair of Gastronomic Equipment of all types, with vast experience. The service is oriented to the hotel industry of the 21st century.

COLD CHAMBER Maintenance and repairs of cold chambers in Havana, Varadero, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Coco, Camagüey, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba. Applications ranging from food conservation, organic waste protection, specialized areas in health centers, flower conservation and others. Our chambers constitute an integrated system that begins with the most modern technologies from design to set-up and guarantee of optimum functioning.


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